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This true to life story of Mrs. Adelaida Paloma Apelo as written by Ms. Angelita P. Makalinao; tells of the truly magnificent miracle of the excessive mercy of Jesus' kindness of lending and providing her with His Sacred Heart.

Aida as she is fondly called, is a widowed mother of three children and grandmother of seven. She lives with her family in Barangay Sto Nino, West Taguig. Her husband passed away when the kids were still small, leaving her to be the sole breadwinner, provider and parent of her small children. In spite of this heavy burden, she was able to put all kids through school and help them start families.

She attributes this to her great devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus all the way back to the days of Father Guerrero, who was then the Director of the Apostleship of Prayer. She claims that the Sacred Heart has always bailed her out when she needed help, especially financial help for her three growing children.

The Lord Jesus is true to His Sacred Heart promises: "I will give them all the graces necessary for their state of life."

Someone would come up with the needed tuition fee or school materials, clothes and uniforms, and even food when there was nothing to eat. Her sister opened a sari-sari (mini variety) store nearby and would ask her to help. That way, with her meager resources, she and her family were able to get by. Through all these years and troubles, she never failed to call on the Sacred Heart and her worn-out scapular and prayer books attest to her devotion.

But all these difficulties took a heavy toll on her health. She found herself getting short of her breath, and finally her heart began to hurt. This had been going on for quite a long time but she never complained nor took notice until recently.

Finally, she gave in to her daughter's nagging and went to see a doctor. There she found out that she had rheumatic heart disease. Her small savings were soon depleted because of the high cost of medicines she had to regularly take.

But this wasn't enough. As her heart began to fail the doctors recommended an urgent heart operation which had to take place soon or else it would be too late. She was desperate, realizing that she could never go through that expensive operation which her struggling family could hardly afford. Remembering the 3rd promise of the Sacred Heart, "I will comfort them in all their afflictions", she never lost hope in the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

This was also about the time that she heard of the coming Feast Day and the Novena in honor of the Sacred Heart at the National Shrine of the Sacred Heart. She started the Novena and continued to pray in front of the Sacred Heart in the Adoration Chapel.

As other pilgrims usually do, she slipped her request into the petition box. On the second day of the Novena, while looking at the exposed Heart of the Savior, she thought "His Heart looks so strong and healthy; may I borrow it?" Suddenly, her heart started to fail and her breathing became slow and labored. In desperation, she pleaded, "Lord, lend me your heart that I may be healed." At once, her breathing became easier and her heart felt lighter.

She then proceeded with the Novena on the remaining seven days. When it ended, she went back to her doctor for the needed check-up before the operation. Lo and behold! Praise be to God Almighty! The doctor couldn't find anything wrong with her heart.

Beaming and brimming with gratitude, she went back to the Adoration Chapel. She gazed at the Sacred Heart of Jesus and earnestly prayed, "Lord, I'm returning Your Heart, I'm healed." But she heard a voice telling her, "Why are you returning it? I'm giving it to you."

Since then, she has not ceased praising and glorifying the Lord. In her gratitude, Aida has offered her services in Church and has decided to become active again in the Apostleship of Prayer.

Angelita P. Makalinao
Head of Catechetical Ministry
Head of Formation Committee of the
Apostleship Prayer in the Archdiocese of Manila

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