Sunday, March 23, 2008


Last Christmas, you heard me ask this question over and over again - "When was your best Christmas ever?" Many of us thought about this question and really searched our memory banks for the right answer - only to find out that at the end, the best Christmas ever will always be the present moment.

It may be awkward of me to write about Christmas during Lent - but isn't there another Christmas after all? Kung mayroon Pasko, mayroon din tayong Pasko ng Pagkabuhay! (If there's a Celebration for Christ's birthday, we also have a Celebration of Christ's rising into a new life!)

Easter Sunday is the summit of our long Lenten preparation - because on that day the Lord is risen and there is so much to celebrate.

We have spent many, many days preparing -
Not only for the dying, but for the rising to life;
Not only for the pain, but for the gain,
Not only for Good Friday but for Easter Sunday,
Not only for the Passion but for the Resurrection.

Our vision of the fullness of life is here and now. We have been liberated by no other than Jesus Himself - and because of His Resurrection, we can celebrate life in its fullest. He has liberated us from sin, Satan, and even guilt. By His Cross and Resurrection, we have been set free and now fully enjoy each day as sons and daughters of God, making each day the best days of our lives ever!

What no one ever saw of heard,
What no one ever thought could happen,
Is the very thing God prepared for those who love God.
1 Corinthians 2:9

Resurrection is God at work. It is not merely an event that occurred but a powerful salvific act of God that manifests in our lives every single day. The act of God's love did not end in the death of His Son. He has risen and is truly alive.

May we not remain buried in the Good Friday of our lives,but rather be able to rise again. We have our own crucifixion and dying but Jesus can restore us to life. His followers went through a difficult passing over - from their sorrow and pain as they witnessed His death - but were amazingly transformed as the experienced the radiant Jesus Who is alive with a new vision and power. May we recognize His Face in our daily passing over - from our suffering to freedom and our own brokenness to a new life.

Let us celebrate the life of Jesus: the joy He brings to us and the joy we can offer to others. The joy that lasts ... the joy that gives life as we proclaim the power of Jesus in our words and works as how Mother Teresa puts it:

"A person filled with joy preaches without preaching!
May we be the joy of others as we radiate the
Source of Joy: Jesus Himself!"

Let us enjoy and celebrate the best day of our life in Jesus! Alleluia!

Rector / Parish Priest
Makati City, Philippines