Wednesday, December 25, 2013



The season of Advent is all about preparation, preparation for the First Coming of Christ, His birth. This event is marked by a defined and well-known period of time that spans the advent season up to December 25.

But there too is another coming that we ought to prepare for even more: His Second Coming, the final judgement, the end of the world. Unlike His First, this Second Coming is one that is unknown, unpredictable and spans a period that lasts till the end of time. Everyone knows the waiting has started long ago, but no one knows when it will end.

Every one of us can relate to this quite differently from each other, depending on one's circumstance.

For example, a student may see it as his final exam. If he studied thoroughly and prepared well, he is relatively calm, excited even. If not-torture! He is a nervous wreck, anxious and afraid of the outcome.

Our preparation for the First Coming of Christ is bound by a sense of tradition, habit, familial love and professional courtesy. Shopping for gifts for clients/friends/family, cooking food for noche buena, participating in the Simbang Gabi and other Filipino practices define our preparation for His birth. These are not altogether wrong. However one should realize this only scratches the surface of the more essential event that lies underneath.

Like the example above, to prepare for His Second Coming means "studying and discerning our hearts well." It is to read, understand and feel His word from cover to cover; to apply His teachings in our daily lives. if we do this, we do not need to memorize in order to pass the test. The answer will come naturally to us if we truly make it part of our lives everyday.

"You can never prepare enough."

"You can never be TOO prepared."

Which one is correct?


But while the former is true, the latter addresses this reality too. We may never be prepared for something unknown and unpredictable (His Second Coming) but we can certainly do our very best to prepare in the way we know how. We can never be too prepared because honestly, "kung maghanda ka sa abot ng iyong makakaya, at least may laban ka!" (If you will prepare up to your utmost capacity, at least you have a fighting chance!) You may not come up with a fool-proof plan, but you can at least try to save your soul by "fighting the good fight" for your faith.

To Him, you are one step closer to heaven every time you try.

So enjoy the preparations! Because truly, there is no real Christmas without a "real Advent". As we celebrate the first Christmas on the 2013th Birthday of Jesus, we can not but prepare for the 'Second Christmas' were we to meet Jesus, face to face: no longer in a manger - but with Him, finally.

A Happy Birthday to Jesus towards a face to face "meet and greet" with Him personally!!!

Rev. Fr. Vic Y. Apacible
Rector / Parish Priest