Wednesday, March 28, 2007



Divine Jesus, You have said, "Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you." Behold us kneeling at your feet, filled with a lively faith and confidence in the promises dictated by your Sacred Heart and pronounced by Your adorable lips, We come to ask this favor: (Here silently mention your petitions).

To whom can we turn to if not to You. Whose Heart is the source of all graces and merits? Where should we seek if not in the treasure which contains all the riches of Your kindness and mercy? Where must we knock if not at the door through which God gives Himself to us and through which we go to God? We have recourse to You, Heart of Jesus. In You we find consolation when afflicted, protection when persecuted, strength when burdened with trials, and light in doubt and darkness.

Dear Jesus, we firmly believe that You can grant us the grace we implore, even though it should require a miracle. You have only to will it and our prayer will be granted. We admit that we are most unworthy of your favors, but this is not a reason for us to be discouraged. You are the God of Mercy and You will not refuse a contrite heart. Cast upon us a look of mercy we beg of you, and Your kind Heart will find in our miseries and weaknesses a reason for granting our prayer.

O Sacred Heart, whatever may be Your decision with regard to our request, we will never stop adoring, loving, praising and serving You. Lord Jesus, be pleased to accept this our act of perfect resignation to the decrees of Your adorable Heart which we sincerely desire may be fulfilled in and by us and all Your creatures forever.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, we know that there is but one thing impossible to You; to be without pity to those who are suffering or in distress. Look upon us, we beg of You, dear Jesus. and grant us the grace for which we humbly implore You through the Immaculate Heart of Your most sorrowful Mother. You have entrusted us to Her as Her children, and Her prayers are all powerful with You, Amen.


Leader: Lord, have mercy on us,
All: Christ, have mercy on us.
Leader: Lord, have mercy on us. Christ hear us.
All: Christ, graciously hear us.
Leader: God the Father of Heaven,
All: Have mercy on us.

God, the Son, Redeemer of the world, Have mercy on us.
God, the Holy Spirit,
Holy Trinity, one God,
Heart of Jesus, Son of the Eternal Father,
Heart of Jesus, formed by the Holy Spirit
in the Womb of the Virgin Mary,
Heart of Jesus, united with God's Eternal Word,
Heart of Jesus, of Infinite Majesty,
Heart of Jesus, Holy Temple of God,
Heart of Jesus, Tabernacle of the Most High,
Heart of Jesus, House of God and Gate of Heaven,
Heart of Jesus, burning furnace of Charity,
Heart of Jesus, abode of Justice and Love,
Heart of Jesus, full of Goodness and Love,
Heart of Jesus, abyss of all virtues,
Heart of Jesus, most worthy of all praise,
Heart of Jesus, King and center of all hearts,
Heart of Jesus, in Whom all are the treasures
of wisdom and knowledge,
Heart of Jesus, in Whom dwells the fullness of Divinity,
Heart of Jesus, in whom the Father is well pleased,
Heart of Jesus, of Whose fullness we have all received,
Heart of Jesus, desire of the everlasting hills,'
Heart of Jesus, patient and most merciful,
Heart of Jesus, generous to all who turn to You,
Heart of Jesus, source of life and holiness,
Heart of Jesus, atonement for our sins,
Heart of Jesus, overwhelmed with reproaches,
Heart of Jesus, bruised for our sins,
Heart of Jesus, obedient to death,
Heart of Jesus, pierced with a lance,
Heart of Jesus, source of all consolation,
Heart of Jesus, our life and resurrection,
Heart of Jesus, our peace and reconciliation,
Heart of Jesus, sacrifice for sins,
Heart of Jesus, salvation of all who trust in You,
Heart of Jesus, hope of those who die in You
Heart of Jesus, delight of all the Saints, have mercy on us.

Leader: Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world,
All: Spare us, O Lord.
Leader: Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world,
All: Graciously hear us, O Lord.
Leader: Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world,
All: Have mercy on us.
Leader: Jesus, meek and humble of Heart,
All: Make our hearts like yours.

Leader: Let us pray, O Almighty and Eternal God, look upon the Heart of Your dearly beloved Son, and upon the praises and satisfaction which He offers You in the name of sinners; and for those who implore Your mercy, in Your great goodness, grant us pardon in the name of the same Jesus Christ, Your Son, Who lives and reigns with You, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, forever and ever.
All: Amen.

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