Sunday, June 21, 2009



Heavenly Father, as we honor
and cherish our earthly father,

we give you grateful thanks and praise for giving
us one of the most
important persons in our earthly life.

For it is in the person of our very own father,
that we are able to
understand and experience
the true meaning of fatherly love.

Because of him and through him,
we are able to comprehend

the essence of your Divine Fatherly love.

We thank you for being such a wonderful
Heavenly Father to all
of mankind.
We are most eternally grateful for your Divine Virtues

of Mercy, Compassion, Benevolence and Providence.

We praise your Holy Name for your Divine Love for us,
for You
are so gracious and merciful that
You didn't withhold from us Your very own
our Lord Jesus Christ, who willingly offered His own life
so that all of mankind might be saved
through Him
and that through Him, we are reconciled to You.

We are always grateful that You continue to provide
for our daily
temporal and spiritual needs and that
You are always compassionately forgiving

us for our many faults and sins.

We acknowledge with human humility,
that we came into this world with nothing
and shall also leave with nothing.

For who we are and all that we have comes to us
from the abundant grace of Your Divine Providence,
to sustain our needs and those of our neighbors.

Thank You for Your Divine Patience with us,
Your prodigal children who at times, neglect and
are indifferent to the many great things
You lovingly do for us.

Because of Your inexhaustible Divine Mercy,
we are always assured
of a warm welcome
upon our return to our Eternal Home to You.

Almighty God and Divine Father, we ask that You
grant us Your Fatherly Blessings and
send us Your Holy Spirit as You
continuously watch
over and provide for us
in perfect accordance with Your Divine Will.

We ask this in the Holy name
of Your Son, Jesus Christ
with the
Maternal Intercession
of our Blessed Mother Mary, Amen!

On June 21, 2009 Father's Day Sunday at around 1:00 PM, this Prayer to Our Heavenly Father was given with this message. Upon completion, it was immediately posted at exactly 3:08 PM, the Hour of Divine Mercy.

"You have a day to honor your earthly father, yet you forget to honor your Heavenly Father.
I will dictate this prayer to you which you shall publish at the website. I require that this prayer become part of Sunday Mass prayers all over the world.

This prayer is to be recited first at your Church (National Shrine of the Sacred Heart) and eventually all over the world. This is a prayer of thanks and praise which must be recited in all Sunday Masses to honor and thank your Heavenly Father."

Edwin L. Yap
Makati City, Philippines