Thursday, June 30, 2011



Message from GOD THE FATHER

April 13, 2006, through Chris Courtis

(The angels are all around. I see God. He's seated on this big, carved throne, and He's in a long white gown, and I can see His body, I can see His hands and His feet, and I don't see His face – it's all light. Angels are singing. They're singing "Glory to the Lord." God the Father, He says,)

My Dear and Beloved Children of My earth,

Today I have come among you to give to you a very special message for all of mankind. Today, I hold out My heart to humanity. (He's holding out his heart. There's so much light. His heart is out, and it's over us. It's gold, and the flames are just fire, it's fire of light. He says,)

I hold out My heart to give it to humanity, to all My children in a last and desperate attempt to save their souls and restore life to My children. I desire that people venerate the image of My Fatherly Sacred Heart. I desire that people place this picture alongside the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary painting and pictures. I desire to be venerated in the homes. Every family should honor the heart of the Father, for it is out of the heart of the Father that I sent you My only begotten Son to save and redeem humanity.

Today, I give My heart as a symbol of My love and to draw them back to My Spirit which I give freely through Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Come back to My Heart, live in My kingdom, and receive My true peace. For this to happen, people must venerate and acknowledge My Fatherly Sacred Heart. Oh, how so often it is spoken of in Holy Scriptures, yet no one pays any attention to it.

My Heart is real! It truly beats and longs for all My children to be in My kingdom and free from sin and Satan. My heart yearned to send the Savior, My Son, into the world, and through that I send also, through My heart, your only mother, your Most Holy Mother, and she loves you so much and desires you to return back to the Kingdom of Heaven also. I desire that through this painting, great conversions will be given, and that the family that venerates Me and My Fatherly Sacred Heart will receive grace in abundance.

The first is that the family shall have peace, and second, the fathers shall be given all the graces that they need to lovingly discipline their children and draw them closer in love to My heart and to Jesus. Three, I shall give to those who make a request to My heart, peace, true peace. I shall answer your request but only according to My Will. I shall also give to you the grace of knowing My Will. Whatever My Will is for you, you will know when you venerate My Sacred Heart. It is only through veneration of My Fatherly Sacred Heart that you will know what My Will is for you.

Let Me explain, My dear beloved children. My Will always existed, but yet no one has knowledge of what I desire of them. They do not know where to go or where to turn in their life. I am there! I am here! Ask Me, "What is Your Will, Oh Heavenly Father?" and I will reveal to you what My Will is for you. I will open doors to the poor. I will open doors to the lonely, for all those who venerate My Fatherly Sacred Heart.

And to promulgate this devotion, I desire that people, when they receive an image of this painting, that they go before it, pray, first from your heart, whatever comes to your heart, and pray an "Our Father" and mean it! You cannot error if you pray the "Our Father", for the "Our Father" is the most perfect Will (prayer?) to Me, perfect in prayer and perfect in unity to My Will. (And there's a big light. It's engulfing the Father. It's a big, big light. It's landing on the painting! The painting is coming to life. He's alive! He's right there where the painting is!)

My heart I give to humanity. Take up My heart by living the gospels of My Son and by living every word of Sacred Scripture. Receive My heart, My dear ones, by loving Me and accepting Me as your Father. All graces come to you through Me first. I am the Father. I am God. Every grace I give, I give to you. I also give through Jesus, My Son who is the second person of the Most Holy Trinity, and through Our Lady, your Most Holy Mother.

I give you My heart. Do not blaspheme My heart. Do not mock Me. Never tempt Me, for My eyes see all. For those who love Me, I shall bless. For those who hate Me, I shall curse. I desire to give you My heart, but you must receive it in a state of grace. You must be willing to love unconditionally.

I shall bless you, My dear little ones, with the blessing of My heart. (He's taking a flame from His heart! Yes, there's a flame in His hand!) Just one single speck of this flame can purify you and give you all the graces that you will need. Come to Me every day so that each day I may give to you new flames of graces and purification. This is My blessing for you. (He threw it! He says,)

The flame that you have received is going into you. (He's making the Sign of the Cross, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.)

Now I shall depart, but before I shall depart, I desire to tell you that I mourn over the separation of churches, especially the Orthodox and Catholic churches. Everyone should realize that they are one Church united through My Son and dwell within My heart. The separation of the churches is of your own doing. I desire to save humanity, but it is humanity's choice whether they will receive My heart or reject it.

If they reject it, the greatest chastisement that I will send upon humanity will be to forsake you. I will leave you to your own doing. This is the worst punishment ever because I have always dwelt with My people throughout all times. But when My people did not listen, even in the Old Testament, I departed from them. So do not be concerned about worldly goods, but be concerned about the love you have for Me, My Son, the Holy Spirit, and your Blessed Mother.

Now, I shall bless you again and depart, (In the name of The Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.)