Friday, April 4, 2008



"Pray not with the impression that you pray to emptiness, but pray to Me as the Being truly present at your side, the One who sees you, who touches you and loves you.

God created man and has impressed in the heart of men the Sign of His Love. God's love is greater than any love on earth. The love of God is a profound reality.

The love of God for His children is not different from the sensitive love of a father or mother for his children.

A human being is like a child to His eyes, is like a child who cannot understand the adult reasoning of his parents. Thus we are before God because the visible world is a state in which our soul should grow and sanctify itself.

Look at Me in the Blessed Sacrament and think that I am looking at you, that I live in a world which includes the visible world in which you are and I see you perfectly well, better than you see your neighbor.

Then speak to Me as to the person who is your Father in Heaven, who sees you as you are, perhaps in adoration, and if you are, I am aware of it.

I listen to your prayer, and the more it is personal, with your heart and soul, with the words of a child who truly entrusts himself to his Father, the more I, God, take your situation into My Hands, and if you trust in Me in everything, and fully cooperate with the Divine Providence, which is the expression of My Will to you, then I will be the happy Father of his child and the child will soon be aware that his Father loves him, truly guides him and helps him to grow in wisdom and grace, before Him and before men.

The difficulties and worries of earth are the consequence of human deficiency which originate in original sin.

They can only be solved with the attitudes and the behavior closest to sanctity, the state of being before sin.

My dear children, love Me, have trust in Me and become saints as Jesus Christ, the Holy of Holies and as the Mother of God, the Most Holy Virgin Mary.

I guarantee the solution to your difficulties along the way.

Holiness is the only way that solves everything, and when it is achieved, it controls weakness, deficiency and corruption.

I love you perfectly and I wish you all to be saints, because only My Saints share in My Glory.

I am the Father of My children, and I have created them, that they may live with Me in eternity. But My children should be holy to enter My Home. I am with you aiming at making you gain Heaven, and I remain at your side on the path that leads to My Kingdom.

I wait for you, and I desire you, then come, yes, My children, come!"

You see dear Brothers and Sisters, the consoling words the Lord addressed to you, personally and uniquely. I am happy to have been the means of transmission of such beautiful words, and I pray that you may not disappoint a Father so exceedingly good and so exceptionally powerful.

I pray for all your intentions, in a particular way for the relief and liberation from Purgatory of the dear deceased ones.

I entrust you to the custody of Mary and Joseph and I assure you, dear brothers and sisters of my religious devotion.

Translated by Fr. Adolf Faroni, SDB
Printed by Don Bosco Press, Inc.
Arnaiz Avenue, Makati City, Philippines