Monday, February 4, 2008



I do not speak your language,
I do not titillate,
I don't caress,
I do not give orgasmic ecstasy.

And so, compared to your great lovers,
Compared to your reality,
I am inadequate, I am uncaring,
I am irrelevant, I am untrue.

Forgive me, forgive me, forgive me,
I do not speak your language,
For I am only God.

But ... I speak the stars,
I speak the moon!
I speak the ocean, the river, and the rain!
I speak the little baby!
I speak the lovely rose!
I speak your eyes, your hands,
The beating of your heart.

I speak forgiveness,
I dry the tears,
I heal your wounds,
I am the loving presence,
I am the tender touch,
When you are lost,
And broken and alone.

And when the numbness
And the terror of your shattered, black
Dead night is gone ...
I still continue - holding,
Shielding, warming
Your lonely, frail and trembling hand.

AND then I speak the glorious sunrise!
I speak the brilliant splendor
of the dawn!
I A M Y O U R R E S U R R E C T I O N -
Come then my child,
Let us begin again ...
Let us begin again!

I am Eternity, I am the Truth
I am the Source, the Meaning of All Life!
I am your Perfect Father-Mother!
I A M Y O U R H O M E ! ! !
I speak the Language of Your Soul,
I am the Meaning of True Love.

Please, please forgive me.
For I am only God.

Fr. Arsenio (Juni) C. Jesena, SJ
Catholic Author of the Jubilee Year 2000
From his book Yayee 4: Embraced by God
Published in the Philippines, December 2007
E-Mail: / Phone 632-4265941