Friday, August 10, 2012



"I will bless every place in which an image of My Heart shall be exposed and honored." 

The Ninth Promise of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a devotion of love. His love to us and we respond to that love by offering our love to Him in return, first, by consecrating ourselves and our family to Jesus.

But to some, “consecrating” their selves to Jesus, may be too “holy” a term to use. Many of us dread “holiness” because we immediately think it is unreachable. 

But as beautifully explained by Fr. Vic, “consecrating” ourselves to Jesus simply means that we dedicate ourselves and our family to Jesus”. We “offer” ourselves to Jesus.

Where else will we start to respond to the love of the Sacred Heart and dedicate ourselves to Jesus than in our very home. A Christian home where a throne of love is installed in a prominent place for the Sacred Heart of Jesus, where His supreme rights over our family is recognized and honored.

When we enthrone the image of the Sacred Heart in our homes we restore our family to Jesus Christ. It is an external recognition that our Lord is the real head of our home and no one else. 

Our Lord Himself has asked St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, to whom He revealed His Sacred Heart, that He be allowed to reign over in our homes. He has promised that He will bless every place in which an Image of His Heart shall be exposed and honored. And He is faithful to His promises.

But enthronement of the Sacred Heart is just the first step and certainly not the last. As devotees of the Sacred Heart, we get inspired to stay in love. Always in love with Him. And if we are in love with Him, we will learn to forgive. For what good is dedicating ourselves to Jesus and staying in love with Him if we do not know how to forgive?

Along the way of the devotion, because of many distractions, we may stumble and get lost. Yes many times we will. But it is okay, we journey in the devotion fully equipped. 

The devotion is never without the Sacraments. It disciplines us to regularly make good confessions and prepares us to receive the Blessed Sacrament that makes beautiful our Sunday obligation. The sick is assured of the graces of Final Sacrament. 

The First Friday novena continually readies us to receive the graces and sacraments necessary for our state of life. Countless couples were bonded in matrimony or their shaky marriage fixed because of the devotion. Many priests started out as devotees of the Sacred Heart and have deepened their devotion now that they are priests.

Enthronement is a simple solemn ceremony of love. Visit the parish office now and schedule an enthronement in your home. Better yet, group yourselves with your neighbors and together receive and install Jesus Christ as King of your homes, of your neighborhood, of your street.


Parish Pastoral Council
Makati City, Philippines