Friday, August 10, 2012


The 12 Promises of the Sacred Heart have long been practiced in the history of our faith. The devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus? Even longer.
Since the beginning of time, these have been founded and applied in the spiritual lives of many saints. 

Today, we, as "Sacred Heart warriors", are faced with a challenge:
How do we keep the Sacred Heart relevant in our ever-changing times?
Starting with this (July 2012) issue of Heart Works, we will explore each Sacred Heart promise (or two) to deepen our understanding of what these mean in the world today.
We will attempt to simplify what is "Divine Wisdom" and hopefully translate it into simple action by addressing the heart of the message in each promise.

Promise # 7: "Lukewarm/Tepid souls will become fervent."

 - neither hot nor cold
 - I will spit you out, Jesus said

 - lacking in passion, enthusiasm and conviction

Tepid. What a very 'curious' word. It reminds me of a Filipino word that sounds like it.
To be "tepid" is like "pagti-tipid". It can mean "to scrimp on one's passion for life". It is to be mediocre, "maligamgam" sa buhay.
In a day and age where recession looms in every country in the world, it is only practical for us to be "tipid" on our expenses and luxuries. But if there is one thing we should never be stingy with, kung may isang bagay na di natin dapat tinitipid, it is in being passionate lovers of Jesus. 

Huwag tayong magtipid sa pagbuhos ng LOVE BEYOND DEVOTION* para sa Sacred Heart. Mahalaga na iakma natin sa ating isip, salita, puso at gawa ang pagpapalaganap ng mensahe ng Banal na Puso.

A life half lived is a life not lived. To live out our lives whole-heartedly means to be all out - "bigay-todo" - for His Sacred Heart. Huwag natin hayaan ang ating mga sarili na mawalan ng gana - na maging walang ka buhay buhay - sa pagmamahal kay Kristo.

 - very hot; glowing
 - marked by a great intensity of feeling
The reassurance that this 7th promise gives us is that in committing to a love for the Sacred Heart beyond devotion, we not only make a difference in the "Sacred Heart Movement". We too are changed beautifully by it. When we imbibe a love for Christ that is burning rather than lukewarm, everything becomes clearer and brighter. Everything about us and around us becomes more alive: "Mas may buhay". 

The promise is that when we start with true love for the Sacred Heart, our passions will grow and spread far and wide, making our relationships at home, at work, with ourselves and with God better, stronger and happier - more vigorous and full of life! Who doesn't want that right? To wake up everyday with a happy and hopeful spirit - one with meaning and purpose each day - is a dream that the Sacred Heart promises to make a reality for you and me.

Let today be the start. Begin with a resolve to live fully and love passionately, like the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. Let your heart burn with the desire to be more like Him that you too can live up to the potential He has gifted you with.
May our (tepid) hearts be like His (fervent) Sacred Heart!

*What do we mean when we say BEYOND DEVOTION?
- To do more than just memorize novenas and practice rituals but also to pray passionately from our own hearts, in our own words.
- To adapt in our homes, our work and in everything we do (and to everyone around us) the love, kindness, mercy, compassion and enthusiasm that the Sacred Heart teaches us.

Parish Priest / Rector
Makati City, Philippines