Monday, December 2, 2013


Masses,Vigil and Special prayers marked the end of the year-long celebration of The Year of Faith decreed by Pope Emeritus, Pope Benedict XVI last October 11, 2012. -the main objective which was to renew , refresh and restrenghten the faith of the Catholics all over the world. 

The closing of the Year of Faith also ends the Plenary Indulgence granted to the Visitors of the Shrine as a Pilgrim Church. The end celebration coincided with the Feast of Christ the King last Sunday; a yearly celebration also ending the Liturgical Year.

In view of the strong rains which fell as the procession was being readied, we recited in Church the Prayer of Consecration to Christ the King and Prayer of  Reparation. The Feast of Christ the King firmly establishes the titles for Christs royalty over mankind.

Today December 1, begins the season of Advent - the beginning of the new Liturgical year. It is a strong and powerful season in the Church and is marked as a period "in joyful expectation".  

It has a two-fold character "as a season to prepare for  Christmas when Christ's first  coming to us is remembered and as a season that remembrance directs our mind and heart to await Christ's coming at the end of time" 

Advent is a period of devout and joyful expectation (#39).

The Scripture invites us to be always "on the guard, to watch, to be ready, to prepare".  

In this precious season of your coming, Dear Jesus
Help me to be attentive, self effacing and joy-filled.

Help  me Lord to hear your voice in the desert.

Grant me joy in my longing, peace in my hoping 
and patience in my waiting. 
May my heart today and tomorrow 
be the place of your coming.